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Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Consulting Firm in Bangladesh.

Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Consulting Firm in Bangladesh.

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What is Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)?

Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) – The first stage in the Environmental Assessment of a project at pre-feasibility level, for identifying and assessing possible environmental impacts.

It is a preliminary environmental review of reasonably foreseeable impacts of proposed activity to determine the adverse impacts whether an EIA is required or not.

The process of an EIA commences at the early stages of a project. When the project is first considered, not when construction has begun. Once a developer has identified a need, assessed project design and site; the next step is to see the positive and negative effects of this development on the environment. The outcome of the screening process is a decision to either include or exclude the development from the full EIA Process.

Consulting firm should review the existing environmental policies, guidelines, regulations and DoE procedures for obtaining Environmental Clearance. The secondary source data should be collected for preparation of IEE report by the consulting firm. The IEE Report should contain a) Description of the project, b) Policy and legislative aspects, c) Description of the environment, d) Identify predicted impacts and e) an environmental management Plan.

Do You Need Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)?

Objectives of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)?

1) To evaluate whether Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is necessary for the project and, if so, to define its scope.
2) To examine, from an environmental viewpoint, measures to mitigate the impact of the project which requires environmental consideration but not a full-scale Environmental Impact Assessment.

IEE is widely accepted as a tool to ensure sustained development with minimum environmental degradation.

Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) should contain the following information’s/data:

1. General Information
2. Description of The Proposed Project
3. List of Industrial Waste
4. Produced Liquid Waste
5. Drainage System (Drainage Lay Out Plan)
6. Particle Matters and Gas Emission
7. Noise Pollution Management
8. Occupational Health and Safety Management
9. Impact Assessment and Mitigation Measures
10. Environmental Management Plan
11. Emergency Management
12. Public Consultation

Main Steps of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE).

1. Screening
The screening is defined the judgment of a development project to decide whether the investigations of negative impacts are necessary or not.
The purpose of the screening is to confirm the following policy:
– The development plan will sustain development of the area and be to peoples’ benefit without negative impacts to the existence and living conditions of the peoples affected by the plan;
– The development plan will conserve precious natural resources and support a harmonious environment in the future without severe damage to the natural environment.
2. Scooping
Scooping is defined in the guidelines as a process to determine the precise items or fields for the EIA after due consideration of the various impacts to the environment by a development project. Furthermore, to clarify the impact to the environment, the guideline presents a checklist for scooping.

What is included in Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)?

Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) which include mainly Project Background, Objectives of IEE Study, Relevant National Policies and Legislation, Environmental Clearance Procedure in Bangladesh, Description of the Project, Project Flow Chart, Raw Materials, Baseline Existing Environment, Study Area, Physical Condition, Hydrology, Water Quality, Air Quality, Identification of Potential Significant, Impacts, Evaluation of Potential Impacts & Mitigation Measures, Adverse Impacts and Mitigation, Impact at Pre –Construction Phase, Impact During Construction Phase, Impact during Operation Stage, Anticipated positive impacts of the proposed Project, Environmental Management Plan Outline, Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan, Disaster Management Plan, Site Alternatives, Conclusion And Recommendation.

Who needs Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)?

Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) is required by DoE for Environmental Clearance and other issue, H&M buyer for HIGG index, International Certification body, GSCP, IFC/World Bank, Bangladesh Bank, Govt. BSCI, LEED, BPEI, Sedex, WRAP, ICS, Wal-Mart, Buyers’ Audits, Officers & Various types of Buyer Code of Conduct Audits etc.

Cost of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)?

Cost of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) is not fixed due to proposed project or development size. Different organization or project or developments may have different size and scope of work. So, budget of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) will vary project to project duo to many reason. Price or Project cost is negotiable and depends on project or development complexibility, size, time etc.